Welcome to Lease Shark - The Leasing Quote Tool that finally puts the power of getting the best lease deals in your hands.

The "Old" Way of Getting a Lease Quote on a New Car, Truck, Van or SUV: You had to call, message, text or email a New Car Dealer or Dealers and ask for a quote and then wait, wait, wait while they put one together for you. You also had to figure out if there were hidden fees, taxes, deposits, restrictions, etc. that weren't disclosed at the time of the quote that surprised you when you got to the Dealership. Who wants to deal with all of that hassle?!?

The NEW! Way of a Getting a Lease Quote on a New Dar, Truck, Van or SUV: Finally! You control the process. You put a parameters in for what kind of Car, SUV, Truck, or Van you want, how long you want to lease it for, how many miles per year you want the quote to be for, How much TOTAL Down Out of Pocket you want to give, and most importantly, how much you want to pay per month. Then, it's up to the dealers to fight for your business - giving you quotes to meet, beat - or see how close they can get to the price YOU want to pay per month. Isn't that a better way to get your next Lease Quote? We think so too!

How Does Lease Shark Work?

The Process is Easy!
  1. If you haven't already registered for an account on our site, please do so first here: Lease Shark / Cash Car Store Registration Page
  2. Identify the Year, Make, Model and Trim Level of the Vehicle you're interested in leasing (ie. 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab Pickup)
  3. Go to the Lease Shark Quote Submission Page and choose a Category (Cars, SUVs, Trucks or Vans) to put your Deal Chum in the water.
  4. Enter in the Duration of how long you'd like your Lease Shark Quote Request to be Live
  5. Enter a Title for Your Lease Shark Quote Request (ie. 2018 Toyota Camry LE Quote Request)
  6. Enter a Brief Description of Your Lease Shark Quote Request (It can include how soon you're wanting to lease; how far away you'd like quotes from; specific information about the quote; it you have a trade, etc.)
  7. Choose the Year, Make, Model and Trim Level from the drop-down menus
  8. Choose the number of months you want to lease the vehicle for
  9. Choose the amount of annual miles you typically drive and want to lease the vehicle for
  10. Choose the TOTAL amount out of Pocket you want to put down when you lease your vehicle (ie. $1,500)
  11. Enter in the MAXIMUM amount per month you want to lease this vehicle for (ie. $425*).
  12. Registered Dealer Partners then contact you via the Site (Your actual email address is not publicly displayed) to meet, beat or see how close they can get to your Quote Request.
  13. You get to pick and choose among the quotes to choose the one that best fits your budget*1.

* Please Note: Lease prices vary by make, model and trim and are wholly contigent on factors such as residual value(s); credit score(s); promotions and/or rebates; dealer markup; etc. It is never a guarantee that the maximum monthly amount you want to pay is what you could ultimately get a deal for. We recommend visiting manufacturer Web Sites first to see what general leasing deals are running to give you an idea as to range you might be able to negotiate one for.

*1 Please Note: If you receieve a Quote Confirmation/Agreement that matches your original Request and then you find that the Quote Does NOT meet your criteria in terms of TOTAL amount down, number of miles per year, monthly payment, etc., please contact us. We will not permit dealers to continue to quote who give inaccurate quotes.